Breastfeeding scenes from movies

Top ten breastfeeding scenes in movies and tv

Scenes movies breastfeeding from

Breastfeeding has appeared onscreen in various films and television shows for years, as a way to educate children, create a relatable plot line or even inject humor into a situation. From "Sex and the City" to "Sesame Street," these shows and movies that feature breastfeeding do so in a wide range of ways -- sometimes empowering and at other times just altogether problematic. But there's something to learn from each depiction. From portrayals that sexualize breastfeeding mothers' bodies to positive examples that normalize nursing, Hollywood sends some very mixed messages about the way so many moms feed their babies. Here are 18 TV shows and movies that depict breastfeeding and what we can learn from them. These breastfeeding moments on the children's program showed that it's a topic parents can feel comfortable explaining to their kids and helped normalize the sight of breastfeeding. Lorelai's refusal to ask the woman to stop and Rory's dissenting facial expression suggest that the heroines don't condone Luke's attitude.

Breastfeeding scenes from moviesBreastfeeding scenes from movies

Most Popular Breast Feeding Movies and TV Shows

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18 Times Breastfeeding Was Portrayed Onscreen, For Better Or Worse

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